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Potted Plants

The bulk of our product comes from our own nursery in Apopka, Florida guaranteeing our customers consistent quality product all of the time! Potted plants are definitely the largest component of our inventory and are available in the following sizes:

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2 & 3 inch pot sizes

The 2" line are mainly used for terrariums and smaller novelties and we have an extensive lineup to pick from.  We are able to produce these largely from our own stock and they are extra nice and very popular now!!

Our line of 3″ plants are used mainly for our dishgarden production and most of these are grown exclusively for us by our own nursery in Apopka, Florida!

Customers may use these smaller plants for their own novelties and containers and these also make great plants for terrariums and the right varieties are suitable for outdoor containers.

Plants available may include:

Arboricola, Ardisia, Babys Tears, Coffee, Godseffiana, Ferns, Hoya, Ivy, Maranta, Nephthytis, Palms, Pothos, Hypoestes (polka dot)

leaf plant

4 inch pot sizes

We bring in up to 100 cases of 4″ plants from Florida every week!! These plants are not only used in our dishgarden production but also for our Blooming Basket line and specialty baskets. This size plant is perfect for smaller containers that can fill a spot like the kitchen window or an office desk.

Our 4″ line can also be used as a great filler for container gardens. Items like ferns, rex begonia’s, crotons and hypoestes make a great pairing with blooming annuals.

Plants available may include:

Aroboricola, Alocasia, Baby’s Tears, Calathea, Crotons, Dieffenbachia, Ferns, Ivy, Marginata, Pink Splash, Spathiphyllum, Spiders

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6 inch pot sizes

This pot size(6" is the diameter of the pot) probably is our most popular as they are the perfect size for things like a counter top, office desk and a lot of the larger living walls use this size as they can make a statement!  Plants differ as to what size plant you are looking for and the growth habbits vary from vining to large upright just depends on what you need.

Plants available may include:

Arboricola, Aglaonema, Calathea, Crotons, Dieffenbachia, Ferns, Ivy, Marginata, Spathiphyllum and more

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8 inch pot sizes

Our 8″ line (8″ is the diameter of the pot) of potted foliage offers a great selection of plants at a great price range. You need to have all types of plants in different sizes and this line fits that need of not being too large or too small.

Plants available may include:

Spathiphyllum, Arboricola, Schefflera, Dieffenbachia, Neanthe Bella Palms

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10 inch pot sizes

Our 10″ line (10″ is the diameter of the pot) is the most common pot size you usually see when you purchase a indoor houseplant and the varieties available are limitless!! You must first determine what type of light conditions your plant will have and you can then find the right plant suitable for your conditions. Plants that require low light would include Spathiphyllum, all types of Aglaonema and certain varieties of Dracaena like Janet Craig. If you are not certain of what plant will work just ask us!!


12 inch pot sizes

Our 12″ (12″ is the diameter of the pot) line is our smallest as availability is rather limited but for some items it’s a good fill-in where you can get a plant that is larger than a 10″ but you don’t have to pay the price of a 14″.

Items available in 12″ may include Ficus trees, Palms and some Aglaonema.

leaf plant

14 inch pot sizes

Our inventory of 14″ (14″ is the diameter of the pot) plants includes a lot of Areca and Majesty Palms, Ficus tree’s, Massangeana Canes, Fiddle Leaf Figs and much more! Most of the 14″ material are in the 6 – 7′ range.

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Specimen Plants

We carry a limited line of plants that are in nursery pots larger than our 14″ line. Ficus trees, Bird of Paradise and many varieties of Palms are available in 17″ and 24″ pot sizes, just call to get pricing and availability.

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