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Blooming Plants

Pink and yellow flowers

Our blooming plant line has increased steadily over the last ten years and is the result of listening to what you, our customer wanted. The increased demand for instant color in the home and business settings has given our customers an opportunity to increase their revenue by offering their customers some of the most popular blooming plants in the market. These items are available all year round at Tropical Foliage Plants, Inc.

Blooming plants are shipped to us from Florida, California, and Canada twice per week and are kept fresh and nourished in our own climate-controlled greenhouses where they will be maintained until your order is pulled.  We would never ship you plants straight out of the box from our supplier especially with persishable plants like these.  We'd rather get them in, set them out into a friendly environment, water and care for them, and then get them to our customers.  We really do go the extra mile on these for our customers!!  The availability of this line changes with the seasons so make sure you check in with us to see what is new.

Popular Varieties we offer are shown below:

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