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Tradescantia is a diverse plant genus encompassing tropical species that are suitable as indoor houseplants, as well as hardy species that can be grown outdoors. The tropical varieties are typically grown for the attractive foliage that comes in an array of colors and patterns and we grow a lot of them in hanging baskets like the Zebrina (purple wandering jew), Albiflora (green/white jew) and Tahitian Bridal Veil. Other cool varieties include Nanouk, Pink Panther and Sillamontana (fuzzy jew).

Indoors, place near a window that receives bright indirect light. Outdoors, place in a spot that receives full sun (with protection from afternoon sun in the hottest regions) to shade, depending on the variety. Indoor houseplants can be placed outside in a bright shady area during warmer months. Keep soil moist and have good drainage and do not overwater and you should have great success with these plants.

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