Seasonal Items

Spring Bulbs
We can guarantee that our bulbs are the best in town because they are homegrown by us in our greenhouses and our own coolers. Our product mix includes: Tulips, Hyacinths, Daffodils, Crocus and Iris and don’t forget our extensive line of Bulb Gardens, call one of our sales people for pricing!!


This holiday means Spring is here and people are thinking color!! We can fill your shops with plenty of that with items like bulb gardens, Azalea’s, Cyclamen, Mums, Kalanchoes and so much more!! Please call us for our latest availability.


Mother’s Day + Annuals + Outdoor Blooming Tropicals
Surely the busiest time of the year and our product line almost doubles as we start carrying items that are suitable for outdoor enjoyment. Things like Hibiscus, Mandavilla, Patio Planters, and our own crop of Caladiums are sure to provide you with a great selection of outdoor color. You will also want to check out our selection of novelties for your Mother’s Day sales.


Fall Mums
We grow a great crop of Fall Mums that are usually ready to go right after Labor Day. Mums are available in 8″ and 12″ pots with a great selection of variety and color.


We have a lot to offer this time of year whether it’s something blooming like poinsettia’s, Christmas cactus, Amaryllis or seasonal foliage like Norfolk Pines, Ivy topiaries or any of the evergreens.